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Inside the Realms of Education and Practice

How working in an interdisciplinary setting formed student Adwitiya Gurung’s ideas. Read about her journey with the DVINE project.

Teaching Materials for Studying Communication and Sign Language – graduation via project participation

Ilari Hietala graduated from Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) in Finland from the field of Sign Language and Interpreting in the spring of 2020. His final thesis consisted of producing and analyzing the teaching materials used in the intensive courses held by the DVINE project. Read his thoughts about the journey and take a look at the videos produced.

Sign language and the importance of equal communication – also between professions

Read how student Aagya Shrestha in Kathmandu, Nepal perceived the experience of attending an intensive course organized by DVINE project. In addition to experiencing a multicultural and -professional setting, an idea of sign language as a feasible communication method was introduced.

Multi-professional cooperation: sharing knowledge and respect

Read a participant’s thoughts about attending DVINE’s intensive course in Kathmandu, and how working in simulations in a multicultural and multi-professional environment impacted the students.

Modes of teaching: Insights of teachers from different countries

A participant’s view on attending a multicultural, interdisciplinary intensive course in Nepal: how do the ideas about teaching differ in Nepal and other countries, and how interconnections between social work, microbiology and nursing can change perspectives and help a patient.

Three Exciting Features of the “Communication and Interaction Competencies” Intensive Course in Vietnam

As part of the DVINE project, two intensive courses were held in Vietnam and Nepal in November 2019: “Community Development”; and “Communication and Interaction Competencies”. Three of the most exciting features of the “Communication and Interaction Competencies” course in Vietnam, identified by all the student participants, are shared in this blog.

Multiprofessionalism and co-working  – a chance or a challenge? 

Multidiciplinary cooperation is usually thought to be easy, but it can also be challenging.  Take a look at the seven chances and seven challenges our multidisciplinary project team has encountered.

How did the students find the photovoice method and dignity in intensive courses

DVINE realized two intensive courses in In Hue, Vietnam in November 2019. Here are some impressions from Vietnamese students on the Community development intensive course and on the photovoice method applied in the course. Photovoice method combines photography with grassroots social action.

Educating Holistic Approach and Understanding Dignity – The Story Begins

Once upon a time, in freezing days of March, on the far edge of the world, a group of people from diverse corners of Read more