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Final Curriculum and Learning Material Publications

Front covers of two publications

By the end of the year 2022 DVINE project approaches its ending, and it is time to report about its outcomes.

While co-developing teaching and learning contents and methods in Kathmandu and Hue main outcomes have been two publications. First of these describes curriculum, its contents and pedagogical principles, and the second one includes articles that provide contents to study units included into the curriculum.


Tools for wellbeing and dignity I. Curriculum for multi-professional cooperation in nursing, social work and microbiology publication includes four chapters:

1. Dignity, wellbeing and multi-professional cooperation, Ari Nieminen

2. Pedagogical principles, Olli Vesterinen

3. Flipped classroom – a new approach to teaching and learning in higher education, Mari Digernes

4. Study units

The first chapter explains how notions and phenomena of dignity, wellbeing and multi-professional cooperation are linked to each other and how they support each other. The second chapter lays down pedagogical foundations for this curriculum.

The third chapter describes in detail flipped classroom teaching method. The fourth chapter lists and describes six study units included into DVINE curriculum:

  1. Introduction to multi-professional work lays down foundations for principles of multi-professional work.
  2. Innovating and co-creating services builds ground-stones for implementation and renewal of services oriented to service-users needs and supports service-users agency and dignity.
  3. Qualitative research methods strengthen methodically holistic approach to understanding of service-users life-situations.
  4. Communication and sign language concentrates in betterment of communication skills and especially sign language competencies. This will strengthen the communicative position and dignity of hearing impaired.
  5. Community development offers community development methods that can be used to support dignity of whole communities.
  6. Holistic work in conditions of distress pays attention to crisis situations and the way how patients can be taken into account in more responsive manner even during crisis times.

Lastly in Appendix I, a pilot realization plan of study unit 2. Innovating and co-creating services is presented. This description of a study unit implementation serves as practical example of realization of curriculum co-produced in DVINE project.

Frontcover of publication Tools for Wellbeing and Dignity

Learning Material

Tools for wellbeing and dignity II. Developing multi-professional collaboration competence among the disciplines of nursing, social work and microbiology publication includes chapters for all study units of DVINE curriculum. It has 15 chapter that are divided into four diverse sections:

I Learning multi-professional teamwork through simulations

II Qualitative research methods

III Community development through innovation and co-creation

IV Holistic work in conditions of distress

Parallel Publications in Nepal, Vietnam and Finland

Both curriculum and learning material books have been published parallelly in Nepal and Vietnam. The content of these publications varies slightly, but basically they include the same content.

Translation to Vietnamese was necessary to make the material accessible to most of the Vietnamese students and teachers. In Nepal his need did not surface because teaching language in Kathmandu is English.

frontcover of a Vietnamise book

The objective of the parallel publishing in three countries is to make results of DVINE project as broadly accessible as possible.

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) in Finland is going to publish both curriculum and learning material books as well. Diak will publish books both are printed versions and as e-books freely available to all.

While writing this blog, Diak´s publications are not finished yet, but in January or February of 2023 they can be found at the website.

You may also enquiry Diak´s publications from yours truly:

Text: Project manager Ari Nieminen